P21WWUG Connect 2020 Virtual

SPARXiQ is proud to sponsor the virtual Connect 2020 Conference for P21WWUG members. Be sure to register and join our session:


Simple Approaches to Maximize Profitability

Where can small tweaks to your pricing process make a significant impact on your bottom line?

The current economic climate provides an ideal opportunity for companies stop costly profit leaks resulting from pricing inefficiencies. Do you know where you can make the biggest impact with minimal effort?

No matter how your transactional mix is balanced (matrix/contract/override), there are simple improvements that can benefit any company significantly.

Join our session to learn how your company can:

  • Apply appropriate premiums to the least sensitive SKUs, using native P21 functionality
  • Take control of customer-specific pricing records to improve margin within contract  business
  • Reduce the frequency and magnitude of overrides through internal process improvements


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