A Better Way to “Overcome Objections”

Sometimes, prospects just aren’t interested. And buyers you deal with in the purchase process, or as customers, will have concerns along the way. Many salespeople think of these as “objections” to “overcome.” If you have this mindset, and use the terms themselves, you may be restricting your success. How would your buyers think of your efforts to “overcome their objections?” Ouch.

This month on Modern Sales Straight Talk, Mike and Doug share a better, buyer-centric mindset around buyer concerns that applies to prospecting, opportunity management and existing accounts.

Tune in to learn to:

  • Apply a buyer-centric mindset and objections
  • Navigate disinterest to salvage opportunities when prospecting
  • Get to the root cause of buyer concerns
  • Categorize concerns to respond effectively to each
  • And more!
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