Maintaining Meaningful Relationships in Virtual Selling

Relationships have always been important in selling. Even in the new digital age, making personal connections based on trust and integrity, and supporting client goal achievement, remain essential to top sales performers. Unfortunately, many average salespeople operate under the impression that meaningful relationships “just happen” when you get to know someone.


Ever since COVID-19 brought unique challenges and economic uncertainty, there has been additional pressure on businesses that deepen the importance of loyal relationships. This isn’t good for sellers who leave relationship development to chance.


In this Sales Enablement Straight Talk™ webinar, Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt share the frameworks companies can use to ensure their sales teams are intentional about strengthening customer relationships to secure revenue in this time of uncertainty. Learn how you can apply structure and objectivity to an area that is traditionally viewed as a “soft” skill.Topics include:

  • The fundamental mindsets sellers must possess to build deeper relationships
  • How to identify which customer relationships deserve the most focus
  • How to evaluate customer relationships objectively, to know how strong they really are
  • What it takes to develop the relationships with the most opportunity
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