The Four Profit Levers Distributors Need to Master

Industry-leading distributors are continuing to find more ways to integrate data and analytics into strategic plans and daily decision making. This is, in part, a response to unpredictable economic and market forces shifting buying behavior in our industry. With more technology and innovative tools available than ever before, it’s a great time to discover opportunities for refining and optimizing your business.

In this webinar, SPARXiQ CEO David Bauders shares the four key profit levers today’s distributors need to focus on in order to maximize their performance in the market.

Tune in to learn how unlocking your data can help you to:

  • Deploy data-driven sales recommendations that help grow new and existing accounts
  • Use analytics to set price points that optimize margin while staying competitive
  • Uncover operational and cost-to-serve issues that are draining profitability
  • Optimize vendor costs and rebates to boost margins on the purchasing side
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