The Evolution of Distributor Sales Teams

Industry-leading distributors are realigning and retooling their sales forces in response to shifts in buying behavior, market forces and, of course, the digitization of sales.

Instead of viewing the current situation as a time of triage, you can recognize it as an era of evolution. For companies that have been selling to their customers in the same way they have for many years, this evolution is overdue and offers great opportunities for building for future growth.

Distribution industry experts, David Bauders of SPARXiQ and Ian Heller of Distribution Strategy Group, are joined by AI expert, Dr. Chitra Dorai, to discuss what’s possible for forward-looking distributor sales organizations as we head into 2021.

Find out:
· Where should distributors focus their sales efforts?
· What are the sales roles needed to serve customers and grow revenue?
· How can companies transition their existing talent to meet the needs of new sales models?
· What does it take to successfully make the necessary transition?

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