Ensure Your Contracts are Profitable in the New Year

For many distributors, contracts and special price agreements are a significant portion of revenue, but can pose challenges. If the process is managed well, contracts can help bring in key customers that can be quite profitable. Unfortunately, maintaining customer-specific pricing records can create an administrative burden, and the resulting mismanagement can drain profitability. As we move into Q4, it’s time to evaluate end of the year contract renewals and make a plan to maximize performance and profitability. This year, with the potential for significant vendor increases on the horizon, taking control of contract pricing is more important than ever.

In this webinar, David Bauders and Gregory Smith explain how to find margin improvement within your contracts by:

  • Keeping pace with vendor end-of-year increases
  • Identifying low-sensitivity areas that are underpriced
  • Correcting margins on underperforming agreements
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