How to Enhance Your Strategic Account Strategy to Maximize Growth

When you have an existing client, the goal should be to capitalize on that account, not just once but repeatably over the life of the account. For many companies, though, learning how to upsell and cross-sell your product or service to your existing client base is a major challenge.

In our latest webinar, we take on how to manage an account effectively and profitably on an ongoing basis. Our industry-leading panelists will discuss the vital importance of selling from a position of value, not product, as well as the need to be strategically focused on a holistic view of your customer—the organization, the roles within it, how those roles work together, and the core challenges at every position.

When it comes to strategic account management, it’s not about randomly throwing information at the client and seeing what sticks. It’s about knowing your customer so well that you can provide valuable information that actually alleviates their pain points, addresses their challenges, and meets their needs.

Join our webinar to learn how any one-off customer can become your lifelong advocate!

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