Decoding The Buying Process

Today’s B2B buying processes are more fluid – and convoluted – than ever. More decision makers. More factors to consider. More alternatives. Not always linear. All of this can obscure what’s really happening in the buying process.

To cut through the noise and stay connected with buyers, today’s sellers must apply buyer-centric thinking to sales activities and interactions. There is no silver bullet or quick fix, but the right approaches will help your sales team get the results you want, while better serving your buyers.

On this episode of Modern Sales Straight Talk, hosts Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt share what it takes to decode your buyer’s buying process and improve your win rates.

Tune in to learn how to:

1. Capture an understanding of where your buyer is within the customer lifecycle
2. Uncover the key stages of the buyer’s process
3. Fully understand what you need to deliver to keep the buying process moving forward
4. Gain commitment at each stage of the buying process and ultimately commitment to purchase

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