Revenue Challenge: Preparing Sales to Meet Evolving Buyers

After seemingly endless weeks of COVID-19 lockdown, the economy that eventually emerges will be quite different from the one we once knew. CFOs have an immediate need to ensure their companies protect revenue from their most valuable customers.

You’re inevitably asking yourself: Are our sales teams the right size for today and the right fit for tomorrow? Defining your Now > Next > Later is of utmost importance.

Top-line revenue for the remainder of 2020 is the hardest to predict and manage. Your sales teams need the right tools and approaches to boost sales productivity and value-add to successfully rebound from the economic fallout, while operating efficiently. Lean sales is the new norm.

Join AchieveNEXT CEO, Nick Araco, for an informative Q&A with David Bauders, CEO of SPARXiQ in a must-attend webinar that will help you make sense of the current, medium-term, and long-term issues and opportunities behind revenue protection and post-Covid growth, including:

  • What playbook is your salesforce consistently executing on to protect and add economic value to the most important customer relationships?
  • Do you have the right salespeople on the bus, in the right seats, to drive revenue in the new economy?
  • How do you attract, hire and retain top performers?
  • How can you cost-effectively train and develop salespeople in the age of social distancing?

Don’t miss the opportunity to define your Now > Next > Later to drive top line revenue.

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