5 Keys to Align Sales Training with How Salespeople Learn

Sales and enablement leaders face tremendous pressure to develop, align, and refine their hybrid salesforce, all while managing rampant employee turnover. If you’re among them, you know how important it is to get your front-line reps selling quickly and consistently. The challenge: How can you simply and effectively make sure salespeople actually acquire and retain that knowledge?

Join Mike Kunkle, VP, Sales Effectiveness Services; Jeanette Abrahamsen, Director of Empower – Instructional Design & Content Strategy at SPARXiQ; and Brendan Sweeney, Director of Sales at Allego, as they reveal best practices for training your team on products, market knowledge, tools, skills, or all of the above and ensure they’re put into everyday use.

You’ll learn:

  • How context and relevance increase buy-in and acceptance
  • How to chunk, sequence, and layer content to maximize learning and retention
  • The importance of video for teaching best practices (what good looks like)
  • Why providing practice with feedback loops is critical
  • How to “pull it all together” with a 5-stage change model to ensure behavior change and skill mastery.

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Aug 09 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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  • Brendan Sweeney
    Brendan Sweeney
    Director of Sales, Allego

    Brendan Sweeney joined Allego in 2019 on the Mid-Market team tasked with expanding Allego’s footprint in key verticals. He is now responsible for a segment of the Allego market across North America and is thrilled to be leveraging the technology that he sells every day in his own sales process. Allego is the market leader in sales learning and enablement that elevates sales team performance and empowers reps with the training, practice, coaching, and collaboration they need to win more deals.

  • Jeanette Abrahamsen
    Jeanette Abrahamsen
    Director of Empower - Instructional Design & Content Strategy, SPARXiQ

    Jeanette Abrahamsen facilitates knowledge transfer by helping people create, share and discover informative video content. Jeanette helps people improve their on-camera presence and virtual communication skills by combining her background in instructional technology, content strategy and TV producing. Prior to joining the SPARXiQ team, she produced TV and radio shows for WFLA, KGTV, WEDQ, U-T TV and WUSF in America’s largest media markets. Jeanette served as a video instructor at the University of South Florida for seven years. She’s now completing a PhD in education with a focus on emerging technology.

  • Mike Kunkle
    Mike Kunkle
    VP of Sales Effectiveness Services, SPARXiQ

    Mike Kunkle is a respected sales transformation architect and internationally-recognized sales training and enablement expert. He’s spent 35 years in the sales profession and 25 years as a corporate leader or consultant. Mike has helped companies drive dramatic revenue growth through best-in-class training and proven-effective sales transformation methodologies as the former founder of Transforming Sales Results, LLC. Today, he advises clients, speaks at conferences, leads webinars, delivers workshops, and designs training courses and sales enablement systems that provide results as the Vice President of Sales Effectiveness Services for SPARXiQ.

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