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Sales & Profit Acceleration Seminar Luncheon

January 28, 2020 @ 12:00 pm 4:30 pm

sales workshop


Many economists are forecasting slow or flat economic growth for 2020. Many companies face a further sales challenge of increasing retirements over the next 5 to 10 years. Overall, it’s clear that 2020 will be a VUCA economy: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

How can industrial companies accelerate profitable growth and proactively align to the markets of the future in a slow-growth economy? This seminar will feature insightful presentations and panels of industry leaders, to share perspectives and best practices to help your company develop strategic, data-driven approaches to navigating the many challenges of 2020 and beyond.


(12:00-12:45) 2020 Strategic Priorities in A VUCA Economy
An Overview of Economic Forecasts, the NAW CEO Survey on Strategic Priorities for 2020, and Open Discussion on Participants’ Key Objectives.

David Bauders (CEO, SPARXiQ), Dolores Bauders (COO, SPARXiQ), Greg Preuer (VP of Strategic Accounts, SPARXiQ), and Greg Smith (VP Sales, SPARXiQ)

(12:45-1:30) Data-Driven Profitable Growth: Key Levers to Accelerate Profitability in a Slow-Growth Economy
Measure before you build. What analytical insights does your team need to select and prioritize the most impactful profit levers? What do we know from industry data that can inform our business strategy?

Mark McGready (Director of Strategic Analytics, SPARXiQ) and Greg Smith (VP of Sales, SPARXiQ)

(1:30-2:15) Industry Leader Panel Discussion: Growing Sales & Profits in a Slow-Growth Economy
In order to take market share in a flat economy, market leaders are focusing on key operational levers that drive the profit-flywheel effect to separate from competitors and fund their distinctive competitive advantage.

David Bauders (CEO, SPARXiQ) moderator, James Howe (SVP Strategic Pricing & Sales Excellence, Motion Industries), Bob Decker (VP Product & Technology, Livingston & Haven), and Chris Scarbrough (CEO, Springfield Electric)

(2:30-3:30) Modern Sales Acceleration: Insights & Systems to Drive Growth
In a flat economy, much of the challenge of 2020 will involve how to accelerate sales force performance and productivity while attracting and setting the stage for building the sales force of the future. Certain analytical insights will help you refine your strategic priorities, starting with the foundations of Sales Talent Selection, Training & Coaching.

Mike Kunkle (VP of Sales Enablement Services, SPARXiQ), and Mark Roberts (VP of Sales & Marketing, SPARXiQ)

(3:30-3:40) SPARXiQ: Your Sales & Profit Acceleration Partner
Distribution is evolving quickly and forward-thinking companies are rising above their competition. Learn how SPARXiQ can help support your journey to continued profitable growth.

Doug Wyatt (Director of Product Management, SPARXiQ)

(3:40-4:20) Industry Leader Panel Discussion: What’s Your Path in 2020?
Buying, Selling or Building? In a VUCA economy, market leaders are constantly driving the changes that matter. They innovate to dominate. What that means depends on where you’re going. Our panel will explore the initiatives that execute on each of these three paths – and the data-driven insights that guide them.

David Bauders (CEO, SPARXiQ) moderator, James Howe (SVP Strategic Pricing & Sales Excellence, Motion Industries), Rick Rogers (former CEO of BW Rogers, sold to Kaman), Charley Hale (Private Equity), and Jay Greyson (Managing Partner, Supply Chain Equity, Private Equity)

(4:20-4:30) Wrap-Up and Takeaways

The Kennedy Ballroom at Fairmont Washington DC

2401 M St NW
Washington DC, 20037 United States
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