Strategic Pricing Module

Powerful pricing functionality available for Prophet 21 and Eclipse

Pricing management is best done inside your existing ERP system. For 15 years, SPARXiQ has partnered with Epicor to provide a complete integrated pricing solution for the Eclipse and Prophet 21 platforms.

Take your pricing to the next level with additional capabilities designed to simplify price management and maximize your margins.

Powerful Epicor Pricing Functionality

In collaboration with Epicor, SPARXiQ has seamlessly integrated its best-in-class pricing architecture natively into the Epicor Strategic Pricing module, enhancing functionality.

PriceGPS Pricing Recommendations

Obtain accurate pricing and optimal margins for every sale with SPARXiQ’s industry-leading pricing engine that is integrated directly in the Strategic Pricing module.

Custom Override Controls

Create specific override guidelines based on customer type, customer size, and product sensitivity to ensure you’re maximizing margins while giving your sales team flexibility where needed.

Simplified Matrix Controls

Navigate a user-friendly matrix in Epicor Strategic Pricing with pre-populated targets and the flexibility to modify as needed.

Strategic Freight Pricing

Strategically manage freight pricing by adding premiums on shipping charges for smaller customers and higher cost-to-serve items, ensuring cost coverage while offering competitive terms to key accounts.

Item-Level Premiums

Strategically apply premiums to specific SKUs with SPARXiQ’s item-level sensitivity ratings, balancing profitability with market competitiveness.

Simple Data Import & Export

Effortlessly transfer data with the module’s streamlined import and export functionality, designed for efficient analysis and reporting.

“There’s so much involved and so much complexity to pricing that we’d have never been able to do what we’ve done without strategic pricing. I made the attempts for years with spreadsheets and manipulation, and I couldn’t do what strategic pricing does.”
Daron Brown
Edges Electrical Group

Your Next Step in Pricing

The Epicor Strategic Pricing solution, powered by SPARXiQ, is available in different service levels designed to meet you where you are. Contact us to discuss your current pricing processes and see how this powerful solution can help you take the next step.

Ready to redefine your pricing strategy?

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