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Simplify price management and maximize margins directly in Prophet 21 and Eclipse.

SPARXiQ partners with Epicor to provide powerful integrated price optimization solutions for companies using Prophet 21, Eclipse, and Prelude ERP systems.

As the Epicor strategic pricing partner, SPARXiQ provides:

  • Additional functionality to more easily manage pricing directly in your ERP platform
  • Data-driven pricing recommendations that maximize margins in low-sensitivity areas
  • A comprehensive reporting dashboard to support continuous pricing improvement

Over the past decade, hundreds of distributors have taken advantage of this integrated solution to increase their bottom-line profitability. And, thanks to the native integration into Epicor platforms, data transfers are simple and minimal configuration is required. 

Unlock the power of your Epicor ERP to help you optimize pricing.

"Minimal pushback from the customers or from our employees."

Watch the video to learn how SPARXiQ helped Central Turf & Irrigation Supply improve their pricing system to realize significant profit improvement.

Epicor and SPARXiQ offer two primary levels of service to fit your needs.

As an entry-level offering, the Strategic Costing Module paired with PriceGPS™ Lite provides impressive results quickly, with minimal effort required, by simply identifying small margin opportunities within product groups and on individual SKUs.

For companies looking to take the next step, upgrading to the Strategic Pricing Module with PriceGPS™ delivers even more significant results by strategically pricing customers based on type and size.

By integrating price optimization analytics into your Epicor ERP system, you can quickly and easily add significant gains to your bottom line.

Strategic Pricing by Product

Strategic Costing Module
1-2% Net Profit Improvement
  • Price each SKU strategically
  • Native integration into Epicor ERP
  • Minimal client resources required
  • Results in under 30 days

Strategic Pricing by Product & Customer

Strategic Pricing Module
2-4% Net Profit Improvement
  • Price each SKU strategically
  • Price based on customer sensitivity
  • Native integration into Epicor ERP
  • Results in 90 days

What Our Clients Say

Read how Plumbers Supply Co. learned how much attention pricing deserved and dedicated a role to it.

Read how Edges Electrical Group gained more confidence and control over pricing strategy successfully.

Read how APR Supply Co. learned to stand firm on their prices thanks to adopting strategic pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does my team need to commit to implement a SPARXiQ pricing solution in Epicor ERP?

PriceGPS™ Lite can deliver results with less than one week of your staff’s time. PriceGPS™, while still much easier to implement than many other pricing solutions on the market, requires slightly more effort due to the customer segmentation and configuration process. You can gain significantly better performance in exchange for this additional effort.


What data do I need to provide?

SPARXiQ pricing solutions analyze your invoice data, which can be easily exported directly from the built-in pricing module.


Can I start with PriceGPS™ Lite and then advance to another PriceGPS™ tier?

Absolutely. Many companies start with PriceGPS™ Lite as an entry point to get results quickly. After that, you can upgrade to the PriceGPS™ tiers to unlock even more margin opportunity.

Contact SPARXiQ to for more information about the integrated strategic pricing solution for Epicor Distribution ERP platforms.

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