SPARXiQ Empower™ Learning Platform

Enable your sales team with critical knowledge and skills

Today’s sales teams need a single platform that brings together formal training, best practice sharing, and leadership communication.

SPARXiQ Empower™ is a learning and communication platform built for today’s fast-moving organizations. It uses modern mobile technology to help your team share critical learning content, product information, and team communication… all in one place.

SPARXiQ Empower™ is the central enablement hub that easily stores and shares your sales team’s most valuable content and resources:


SPARXiQ Training Programs
Internal Compliance/Policy
Software Tutorials & Reference

Internal Communication

Leadership Messages
Team/Manager Communication
Video Win Stories & Testimonials
Company News Updates

Product Resources

Vendor Reference Materials
Product Application Videos
Product Technical Documentation

Simple to Use... Everywhere

SPARXiQ Empower™ is available via web browser or native apps on leading mobile platforms; salespeople can access valuable resources and training content wherever they are. Whether a rep wants to share an on-site video of a customer application or review a relevant training video before walking into an important meeting, Empower™ is just a click away.

Built-in Coaching

SPARXiQ Empower™ provides coaching functionality that extends managers’ reach and maximizes time dedicated to coaching reps.

Managers can review, coach, and train on the go to support live coaching and development.

  • Progress tracking
  • Video role play challenges with scoring and feedback
  • Team communication and engagement
  • Manager-led training assignments

SPARXiQ Video Training

Video training programs produced by the award-winning SPARXiQ Studios team are available in many different platforms, but are at their best when deployed through Empower™. Additional interactive exercises and learning support designed for Empower™ ensure that your team will fully engage and be able to transfer learning into day-to-day execution.

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