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Sometimes, all it takes is a new perspective or some fresh ideas to help steer your company in an exciting new direction. SPARXiQ regularly publishes free eBooks and white papers designed to provide relevant and actionable insights from our team of experts. Click on an eBook or white paper link below to sign up for a free download.

eBook | Sales Coaching Excellence

The Path to a Best-in-Class Sales Force

The term “sales coaching” does not just refer to everyday sales management or sales leadership. We are talking about something much more specific.

Download this eBook to learn how to equip your front line sales managers with the right tools to develop a best-in-class sales force through effective sales coaching.

eBook | Sales Hiring System

How to Hire Sales Pros That Will Deliver Results

Hiring right has always been important, especially for sales roles, which are like the Olympic athletes of business or corporate astronauts (they need to have “the right stuff”). Right now, this is even more true than it usually is, and even more important that your new sales hires can sell (possibly remotely, for a while) and deliver the results you need.

So, whether you are hiring right now, during our current pandemic crisis, or planning to ramp up or grow again as we move into an economic recovery, your hiring decisions for sales are going to be more critical than ever. You need to get it right.

White Paper | Sales Training System

Learn how to get adoption and deliver outcomes with your sales performance improvement initiative

Given the complexities of today’s dynamic selling environments, it’s easy to see why so many organizations are putting an increased emphasis on sales enablement. Much of what we do in sales enablement and sales training is designed to foster good sales behavior. Unfortunately, despite the increased investments, many organizations are not seeing the expected returns in sales performance.

Applying Systems Thinking to Sales Training is the change needed. This white paper, a collaboration between SPARXiQ and Allego, provides the systems approach to implementing sales training that makes an impact on performance.

Whale Curve

White Paper | The Whale Curve

An Enterprise Tool for Sales, Products, & Profit Optimization

In this era of big data, managers are leveraging more sophisticated technical tools in order to facilitate strategic decision-making.

Explore the usability of the Whale Curve, and determine its role in improving decision-making for account management, customer acquisition, sales management, and recession-proofing your business.

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