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Insights and Resources to Support Your Next-Generation Sales Team

Distributors have seen a variety of disruptors to the traditional sales model. Changes in buyer preferences, increasing competition, and eCommerce have continued to put pressure on the way sales has typically operated in distribution. 

These significant shifts have prompted many companies to restructure and rethink much about their sales model. Below you will find a wide range of articles, guides, and other resources you can use to support your journey to the high-performing sales force your company needs in the years ahead.

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Buyer-Centric Sales Transformation

3 Pillars of Distributor Sales Transformation


At the root of driving change, it’s critical that you build a sales model that fits your ideal market and best supports your customers.


Put the right salespeople with the right skill sets in the right roles to optimally drive growth in your target markets.


Provide the tech, tools, and skill sets that your sales team needs to maximize customer retention and organic growth.

Sales Model

Helpful resources for reevaluating your sales force structure.


Restructure Distribution Sales Roles to Improve Performance

New modes of buyer-seller engagement have emerged and the traditional distribution sales roles are transforming to serve the modern buyer.


Your Sales Force into a Market-Making Machine in 2021

The field sales rep is as American as baseball. But the traditional role of the B2B field sales rep was on a steady decline even before the pandemic, as we have lost roughly 25% of the B2B field sales jobs since 2015.


A Checklist to Help You Grow Your Sales Team

Companies with rising sales, or who see the potential for revenue growth, logically seek to increase the size of their sales force. But doing this isn’t as simple as hiring the right talent. 


10 Steps to Future-Proof Your Sales Force and Transform Your Results

When B2B sales is broken into these steps, the complex process becomes much more manageable


B2B sales: Omnichannel everywhere, every time

Our latest B2B Pulse research shows how the shift to omnichannel has permanently changed sales and suggests what companies can do to adjust.


Migrate from Indiscriminate Order-Taking to Strategic Market-Making

Become a strategic market maker by repositioning your business towards more profitable opportunities of blue oceans versus red oceans.


Helpful resources for attracting, hiring, and maximizing your sales talent.

Field Guide

5 Steps to More Effective Sales Hiring

This field guide provides a five-step playbook to help you hire the most effective candidates for your sales team.

Field Guide

Build Your Sales Talent Roadmap

This field guide will help you develop a sales talent strategy to continuously improve, or even transform, your sales team.


Hire Sales Pros Who Deliver Results

Choosing the right sales candidate accelerates near-term results and enables long-term stability. In this eBook, we explore how to select top performers for your sales team.


Nature vs Nurture: Building a High-Performing Sales Team

Strategically align hiring, training, coaching, and management to maximize the impacts of each. Build a high-performing sales team today.


Building A High-Performance Solution Sales Organization

The number one thing I hear from C-Suite leaders about their Sales organization: they want their sales team to be better at selling solutions, and to from a transactional approach to a consultative approach…


Maximize the Impact of Your Front-Line Sales Managers

Maximize the potential of your front-line sales managers by removing the daily barriers that limit their effectiveness. Invest in sales training for FLSMs.


Helpful resources to enable your sale force with training and knowledge to connect better with buyers.


Beyond the Box: Modern Sales Skills to Accelerate Distribution Revenue

Product expertise doesn’t add enough value for today’s buyers. Consider shifting focus to core sales skills training that leads to a value-adding sales team.


Focus on Enablement and Critical Skills to Lead Sales Through Disruption

To quickly and effectively respond to disruption, focus on both dynamic buyer and seller enablement as well as building new critical skills.


Veteran Sales Reps Need Sales Training Too

Include your veteran sales reps and front-line sales managers in sales training initiatives that become a part of everyday sales activities.


How to Measure the Success of Your Sales Training

Download this eBook to learn how to build an effective measurement system for the success of your sales training using proven models.


Prescriptive Sales Analytics: Translate Data into Action

Modern sellers can predictably accelerate organic revenue growth through strategic account management and with prescriptive sales analytics.


Three Tips For A Modern Approach To Sales Enablement

B2B selling was already in flux when Covid-19 hit and dramatically accelerated changes around purchase decisions. Forrester’s 2021 B2B Buying Study revealed the buying behaviors that shifted over the past year and a half…

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