Distributor Profitability

Boost your bottom line with innovative approaches to improve profitability.

Distributors generally operate thin-margin businesses where smart operational strategies can make significant bottom-line impacts. Seemingly small daily decisions that your team makes can instantly boost operating margin, or compromise it. For this reason, industry-leading distributors are using data to identify opportunities to improve profitability.

SPARXiQ provides a variety of solutions to help distributors discover and execute profit improvement opportunities.

For distributors to boost operating profits, they must unlock the insights found in their data and change daily behaviors that impact profitability. SPARXiQ helps clients do both.

Data-Driven Insights

Identify the areas most critical to improving your bottom line through margin growth or operational improvement.

Education & Awareness

Ensure your team members understand how to make smarter day-to-day decisions with profitability in mind.

Gain visibility into exactly where your profits are coming from, and what is preventing you from achieving a much higher operating profit. ProfitGPS™ aggregates transaction and cost-to-serve data into a highly-configurable dashboard that clearly shows where your company is making – and losing – money.

Teach your employees to understand how their business creates profit and how the decisions they make on a daily basis will support or detract from profitability. ProfitMaster™ Workshop is an interactive business simulation presented as an engaging game-based learning experience. The experience provides a new awareness that leads to better decisions that are ultimately reflected in your financial statements.

Whale Curve

White Paper:

The Whale Curve: An Enterprise Tool for Sales, Products, and Profit Optimization

In this era of big data, managers are leveraging more sophisticated technical tools in order to facilitate strategic decision-making.

Explore the usability of the Whale Curve, and determine its role in improving decision-making for account management, customer acquisition, sales management, and recession proofing your business.

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