Distributor Price Optimization

Improve profitability by taking the guesswork out of your company's pricing.

Complex pricing situations create inefficient pricing behavior that cuts into your bottom line. Because every customer-product combination having its own unique sensitivity factors, distributor sales and customer service teams cannot possibly know the ideal price point for every sale. As a result, products are often underpriced to simply get an order, which directly impacts profitability.

Intelligent price optimization is necessary to optimize margins in the distributors’ complex pricing environments.

Successful pricing is about more than price analytics. Our experienced team works closely with you to configure the ideal pricing solution for your company’s specific needs.

Intelligent Analytics

Ensure that your team is selling at the right price for each unique sales situation

Workflow Integration

Deliver price recommendations directly into the systems where you need them

Training & Support

Provide your team with what it takes for pricing to be successful

SPARXiQ has delivered price optimization results for hundreds of distributors over 25 years. SPARXiQ solutions provide pricing discipline while allowing for flexibility in order to deliver a carefully-configured pricing solution for your business.

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"Think about it as a personal pricing assistant."

Watch the video to learn how SPARXiQ helped Livingston & Haven transform profitability through price optimization.

With the help of a SPARXiQ pricing solution, your company can be the next to discover a significant profit improvement.

Whether you are looking to get the most out of your current approach, or you’d like to chart a different course, SPARXiQ is here to be your strategic pricing partner.

Explore the SPARXiQ offerings that can play a part in your pricing journey below. 

“The SPARXiQ Program is the highest impact most bottom line-enhancing program I have seen in my entire 35-year career! The increased margin has give us the opportunity to reinvest in the growth of our business.”

How valuable could price optimization be for your company?

Move the sliders to reveal your profit improvement potential through the various SPARXiQ pricing offerings.

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Projected Annual Profit Gain by Solution


Quickly and easily improve margins on products that are likely to be losing you money. An entry-level pricing solution, Switch™ by SPARXiQ uses intelligent analytics to seamlessly optimize the price basis of products where small changes can make the biggest impact on your bottom line without touching price-sensitive areas of your business. 

Maximize your margins through strategic pricing recommendations. PriceGPS™ from SPARXiQ combines your understanding of markets with proven analytics deliver the optimal pricing architecture for your business, one that provides both discipline and flexibility.

Gain control and boost profitability throughout your contract and special pricing agreement business. ContractGPS™ is a cloud-based, ERP-agnostic platform that provides clear visibility and control over your wide-ranging SPA and contract price records.

Support your margin-improvement goals by providing your sales team the strategies and skills to preserve price points. Negotiation Quotient (NQ) teaches the skills that increase profitability in all situations, from transactional sales to long-term strategic agreements.

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