Great discovery is the foundation for moving deals forward.

Salespeople who truly understand buyers’ situations and objectives are much more able to convert opportunities and deliver value. 

That’s why effectively capturing critical information early in the sales process makes all the difference. It allows you to confidently and effectively position your solution and how it helps your buyers achieve their outcomes. 

To apply a proven framework to your next discovery call, download this cheat sheet. 

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Modern Sales Foundations is a virtual sales training program that delivers exactly what your team needs to master today’s most critical sales skills: 

  • Modern Sales Approaches
  • Innovative & Engaging Content Delivery
  • Comprehensive Learning Resources

The program teaches a discovery model called the Situation Assessment, a framework for uncovering buyers’ Challenges, Opportunities, Impacts, Needs, Outcomes and Priorities (COIN-OP) to close the gap between current state and desired future state. 

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Modern Sales Foundations (MSF) co-creators Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt share what makes the program stand out and deliver measurable results for sales teams in this short video.

The Complete Sales Training Toolkit

Differentiate with Today's Buyers

Adapt your approach to add value for each unique buyer throughout the process.

Increase Win Rates

Build the case for your solution through discovery and value communication.

Build a Stronger Pipeline

Improve prospecting to convert more high-quality prospects to opportunities.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Reinforce and expand your solution's value to maximize customer satisfaction.

This is some of the best training we've ever had.

Bob Decker | Livingston & Haven
Vice President of Sales

Award-Winning Virtual Sales Training
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