ContractGPS™ Solution

Master Profitability and Performance of Customer-Specific Pricing Agreements (SPAs) and Contracts.

The challenge of managing thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of special pricing records – all with different expiration dates and validity periods/timing, terms and pricing structures – prompts many manufacturers and distributors to simply extending the expiration dates of existing prices and terms, rolling them over year after year. The result? Numerous customers, products, and services that are underperforming, unprofitable, and underpriced for long periods of time, if not indefinitely. The lost profits and sales commissions can be staggering.

ContractGPS™ was designed to help companies overcome these challenges so that they can regain control and profitability in the toughest part of their business. With the help of ContractGPS™, elite manufacturers and distributors are restoring and improving profit margins for even the most complex pricing agreements, all while minimizing customer pushback. Powered by the intelligent analytics needed to make faster, smarter pricing decisions, you can:

  • Capitalize on low-hanging margin opportunities by pruning and/or adjusting targeted customer-product combinations that are underperforming or unprofitable.
  • Balance growth and profitability with clear insights into account profitability, vitality, and growth
  • Identify customers requiring improvements in Pricing, Cost of Goods (including vendor cost support/SPAs), Sales Volume/Mix, and Cost-to-Serve
  • Easily identify and correct these pricing records in batches by expiring them or setting their pricing to target levels for quick a boost to your bottom line.

Keep up with vendor cost increases

Maintain or increase margins in line with changing product costs. Avoid painstaking spreadsheets, manual updates, inconsistencies, errors and pricing guesswork by bulk-updating affected line items. Quickly incorporate these updates into your ERP via APIs or exports from the ContractGPS™ Solution.

Balance profitability and competitiveness

Minimize customer pushback in top accounts by reviewing a contract details in a single snapshot –  and choosing from an extensive set of price and cost adjustment options. Restrict who can view contracts and to what degree they can extend or change pricing or other terms with the solution’s role-based user permission settings.

ContractGPS™ slices through the complexity that comes with managing thousands of contracts across dozens of sales reps in your organization. Instead of simply rolling over contracts from one year to the next, the ContractGPS™ Solution will help you – in an organized, timely manner – identify contracts that are approaching expiration, isolate underpriced products and services in your customers’ market baskets, provide sales reps the tools they need to quickly and efficiently make informed pricing decisions, and report to sales managers the individual and cumulative impact of their actions. Efficiency plus Accountability = Results.

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