Contract Price Management

Master special pricing agreements (SPAs) and contracts

Managing countless special pricing records – all with different pricing, terms, and expiration dates – creates significant complexity for manufacturers and distributors.

Because of the administrative challenges to maintaining contract and SPA business, many companies are extending contracts, rolling them over year after year, resulting in significantly reduced margins.

ContractGPS™ is a cloud-based, ERP-agnostic platform that provides flexible, easy-to-use options for searching, summarizing, and modifying contract records that are often tough to navigate. Coupled with intelligent price recommendations for contract business, the platform helps companies regain control and profitability on their contract business.

With the combination of intelligent pricing analytics and the ContractGPS™ platform, you can:

Strategically Price by Item or Groups

Quickly optimize pricing on low-volume, low-sensitivity products while staying competitive on high-volume, sensitive items

Keep Up with Cost Increases

Identify contracts affected by vendor or cost increases and easily update prices to maintain or increase margin

Review Prior to Renewal

Evaluate contracts prior to expiration and use intelligent recommendations to improve future performance

Manage User Permissions

Set up role-based privileges to maintain control of which users can view and modify contract records

Manage Contract Pricing with Ease

ContractGPS™ slices through the complexity that comes with managing countless SPA and contract price records.

Instead of simply rolling over contracts from one year to the next, implement an efficient system to master your contract business:

  1. Identify contracts that are approaching expiration
  2. Isolate underpriced products and services in your customers’ market baskets
  3. Provide the tools for the sales team to quickly and efficiently make informed pricing decisions
  4. Report to sales managers the individual and cumulative impact of their actions.

Want to learn more?

Download the ContractGPS™ technical brochure for more information.

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