ContractGPS Contract Price Management

Take control of your contracts and customer-specific pricing records.

Your best customers require specific pricing for the items that are most important to them. Unfortunately, customer-specific pricing records can run wild easily and become impossible to maintain and manage.

ContractGPS from SPARXiQ gives your team the tools needed to review, manage, and optimize your contracts and customer-specific pricing records.

Complete Contract Price Management Tools

Distributors in a range of verticals – electrical, plumbing, HVAC and more – rely on customer-specific and contract pricing to ensure they’re able to compete and win key sales opportunities.

ContractGPS gives you the powerful workflow tools and processes needed to simplify customer price management:

Sort, Filter, and Review

Tailor your views  by customer, supplier, product family, expiration date, and other criteria for streamlined management.

Optimize Contact Pricing

Easily compare pricing records with optimized price targets and adjust for optimal performance.

Make Batch Changes with Ease

Bulk update or expire records with just a few clicks in a custom view.

Simple, Yet Powerful Workflow

Despite its simplicity, ContractGPS offers robust capabilities to manage even the most complex pricing scenarios with ease.

Ready to redefine your pricing strategy?

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