Convert more opportunities throughout your distribution channel

Generating the most revenue possible through distribution partners requires both a data-driven strategy and an integrated workflow. Unfortunately, channel partners aren’t always aware of growth opportunities, or can’t move quickly enough when an opportunity presents itself. 

SalesGPS™ from SPARXiQ is an all-in-one sales growth platform that enables channel partners to sell more of your products by translating transactional data into actionable sales recommendations.

SalesGPS™ enables you to drive growth through distribution partners by helping them to convert leads, grow your product lines in their existing accounts and target ideal new prospects.

Convert Leads

Transfer leads you obtain from sales and marketing efforts directly to your channel partners with full status tracking to ensure the lead is converted into new business.

Grow Existing Accounts

SalesGPS™ collects and analyzes transactional data to produce actionable upsell and cross-sell recommendations for your distributors’ sales reps.

Target Best-Fit Prospects

To support new business efforts, the platform also leverages market databases to assess and suggest additional prospects whose needs are aligned with your products and the distributor's capabilities.

SalesGPS™ is powered by a simple workflow process that connects you with your distributors’ reps.

Alerts & Feedback

When notified of new leads, reps can quickly and simply respond directly from their mobile device, indicating how they will handle the opportunity.


Distribute leads based on intuitive region, territory and other business rules, with the ability to manually override if needed.


SalesGPS™ routes leads where they need to go through integrations into numerous leading CRM platforms.

Prioritize Opportunities

As you equip reps with more opportunities, they need to know which deserve the most immediate attention. SalesGPS™ identifies priority on each lead; highly-qualified leads are clearly differentiated from warm or cold leads. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

SalesGPS™ provides on-demand dashboards and reports which allow you to access real-time management data. Configure the views that enable you to identify trends and analyze results to enable smarter business decisions.

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