Channel Engagement for Manufacturers

Empower your distribution channel to drive growth and improve efficiency

Many manufacturers generate more than half of their revenue through distribution partners. Distributors provide the on-the-ground sales force that manufacturers depend on to drive growth. For this reason, industry-leading manufacturers are seeking new ways to engage with their distribution channels to provide valuable support and resources.

SPARXiQ provides a suite of solutions that help manufacturers improve distribution channel performance.

Optimize Processes

Improve the profitability and efficiency of your channel sales by streamlining operational processes and administration.

Grow Revenue

Enable your channel partners sell more of your products to a wider range of customers.

Manufacturers offer Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) to distributor partners that support a wide range of end-customer and situational market needs. With their popularity, manufacturers must administer and manage thousands of unique SPA agreements across their distribution channel. 

SPARXiQ provides a powerful workflow solution that helps manufacturers to take control of their SPA and rebate process to ensure accuracy and improve performance.

An intelligent inventory strategy for your distribution channel puts you in the best position to secure every sales opportunity. However, with visibility only into their own business, distributors don’t always know what items they could be selling if they were stocked at optimal levels.

SPARXiQ offers an innovative software solution that helps you work with distributor partners to provide proactive inventory recommendations that improve efficiency and enable revenue growth.

Capturing transactional data from your distribution channel is becoming essential in today’s data-driven marketplace. Transactional data can give you clear visibility into a number of key areas that can help you make smarter business decisions.

With the support and endorsement of NEMRA, NAED and NEMA, SPARXiQ is pleased to deliver the first industry hub solution for point of sale capture. With the right data capabilities, you can meet the new demands of today’s business environment.

To better capitalize on lead generation efforts, manufacturers need to know if distributors follow through, how long it takes to convert the lead, and what results from it. With this information, manufacturers can make smarter decisions about lead generation and assignment going forward.

SPARXiQ offers a central platform for manufacturers to efficiently distribute, track, and measure performance on leads sent to channel partners.