Transform your sales results with an outside-in approach.

Buyer-centric selling, presented in Modern Sales Foundations, is an outside-in approach to sales. Selling this way helps you reach prospects and customers in a way that aligns with the way they actually want to buy. After all, buyers don’t buy so you can make the sale. Instead, they buy when you can help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Explore some of the core principles of the Modern Sales Foundations program below.

I really appreciate the emphasis on the customer point of view.

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Communicate Effectively

When today’s buyers choose to engage with a salesperson, they expect authenticity and excellent communication. 

Today’s high-performing salespeople practice active listening to fully understand buyer challenges, opportunities and concerns. Then, when it’s time to lead the conversation, top sellers communicate clearly and authentically with each buyer. 

Modern Sales Foundations teaches both the fundamentals and nuances of communicating with today’s buyers.

Tailor Value Messaging

No two buyers are exactly alike. What is critical to one can be an afterthought to another.

For this reason, it’s critical to tailor value messaging in prospecting. To do so, uncover what is valuable to each unique buyer, then communicate differentiating value as the sales process unfolds.

Modern Sales Foundations provides frameworks for identifying a buyer’s value drivers and effectively communicating relevant value throughout the buying process.

Understand the Buyer's Situation

Great discovery is the foundation of the modern consultative sale. Salespeople who truly understand buyers’ situations and objectives are much more able to convert opportunities and deliver value.

MSF helps sellers build value in their solution through excellent discovery. Its models lay the groundwork that enables buyers to open up and share their challenges, opportunities and desired outcomes to help determine the true need. 

Capturing this information early in the sales process can make all the difference in effectively positioning your solution and helping buyers achieve their objectives.

Navigate the Complex Sale

Many of today’s sales are complex – meaning that there are multiple decision makers with varying decision criteria involved in the purchase. To navigate these situations, buyer-centric sellers work to understand what’s important to each influencer and decision maker. Then, they ensure that the buyer’s requirements are successfully met throughout the process. 

Modern Sales Foundations teaches viewers to navigate the buyer landscape:

  • Recognize the types of buyers that are involved in purchases and what each need to understand
  • Understand the roles that each influencer plays in the purchase decision
  • Deliver what the decision makers need to move forward in the process, and eventually purchase
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Buyer-Centric Cheat Sheet

We’ve wrapped up some key buyer-centric principles from our Modern Sales Foundations program into a cheat sheet that you can apply to your next sales call. 

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