Business Analytics

Transform your bottom line with data-driven insights.


Optimal Pricing for Every Sale

Improve your margins and support your sales team by taking the guesswork out of pricing. With intelligent pricing guidance and powerful management tools, you can provide your team with ideal price points for every product and every customer situation.

For three decades, SPARXiQ has been helping manufacturers and distributors optimize their pricing, enabling them to make lasting improvements in their bottom-line profitability.

"Think about it as a personal pricing assistant."

Watch the video to learn how Livingston & Haven transformed their profitability through price optimization.


Optimize Customer-Specific Pricing

Capture margin opportunities within your contract and customer-specific pricing records. By combining intuitive contract management tools and intelligent pricing recommendations, you can significantly improve your profitability in this critical part of your business.


Secure the Right Cost Support

Maximize your revenue and profit potential for key opportunities by right-sizing your claimbacks. Identify customers and products that are not receiving the appropriate level of support and take action so that you can win competitive projects and customers.


Maximize the Value of Each Customer

Provide your team with customer-specific sales insights to help with account retention and growth. The right performance metrics and prescriptive recommendations enable your sales team to keep up with order patterns, add best-fit product lines, and grow accounts profitably.


Serve Customers Efficiently

Ensure every customer is getting what they need in the most cost-effective way. By identifying costly elements of daily operations and tailoring customer service for each account, you’ll be able to reduce costs while continuing to meet customer expectations.

What’s next on your journey to a healthier business?

Contract Price Management

Keep up with vendor cost increases and optimize pricing when contracts renew.

Pricing Analytics

Sell at optimal price points that expand margins while maintaining your competitive edge.

Cost-to-Serve Management

Make smarter business decisions that can deliver sizable impacts to your bottom line.

Intelligent Sales Recommendations

Generate actionable recommendations to increase customer retention and grow share of wallet.

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