Build Your Sales Talent Roadmap

A field guide to help you improve sales results by developing a sales talent strategy.

THE CSO INSIGHTS 2018 Sales Talent Study revealed that only 16% of sales leaders were confident that they had the right talent needed to succeed in the future. That means 84% weren’t sure that they had the right team selling their products in the market. Either way you look at it, these are concerning numbers.

Achieving consistent sales excellence across an entire sales team cannot be done overnight or one rep at a time. It also can’t be solved by purchasing a particular app or one-off consulting engagement. Instead, it requires systems thinking that ties hiring, training and coaching all together into a cohesive sales talent development strategy.

In this field guide, you’ll learn the systematic approach that will help you continuously improve, or even transform, your sales team.

SPARXiQ Sales Talent Roadmap field guide

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