Grow existing accounts with data-driven recommendations.

Data-driven, prescriptive sales recommendations

For most companies, the easiest path to growth is selling more to existing customers. When your customers expand their business with you, you’re able to deliver additional value while improving your own revenue and profitability.

AccountGPS translates your sales data into intelligent, account-specific recommendations for your salespeople or channel partners.

Customer Health

Monitor performance patterns to know when accounts are at risk, or when they’re primed for growth.

Order Consistency

Stay on top of replenishment orders to maintain existing business and deliver ideal service levels to customers.

Growth Opportunities

Grow share of wallet by identifying specific additional items or quantities each customer would likely buy.

"I was able to remind a client of a specific part they frequently buy (but haven’t this year). They ended up giving me a $6k order."

Advanced Performance Metrics: 

  • Account Health Score 
  • Revenue Stability 
  • Account Attrition Risk 
  • Share of Wallet 

Data-Driven Recommendations: 

  • Product Line Expansion 
  • Expected and Overdue Products 
  • Upsell Opportunities 
  • Cross-Sell Opportunities 

Versatile Deployment

AccountGPS recommendations can be loaded into a variety of different platforms and dashboards. Depending on the CRM or business intelligence software, you may be able to add AccountGPS sales analytics directly into the tools that your sales teams and managers already use every day.

Enable Channel Growth

AccountGPS combines, standardizes, and analyzes sales data from all available sales sources to generate a complete picture of markets and customer buying behavior. 

Manufacturers can spot product line gaps within specific accounts sold through their distribution network.

In addition to informing product management, marketing, and other strategic activities, these insights provide customer-specific up-sell and cross-sell recommendations to distributors to grow channel sales.

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Unlock Powerful Sales Insights

Intelligent sales recommendations help your sellers spend their time and effort on the best growth opportunities.

  • Monitor health of existing accounts
  • Ensure order consistency
  • Grow share of wallet

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