SPARXiQ delivers analytics, software, and training solutions that help companies accelerate performance and profitability.

As the marketplace has moved through its digital evolution, industry-leading companies have seized the opportunity to put their data to work for them. The forces of change in recent years have also placed a premium on the value of human interaction.  

Our clients understand that sustainable business improvement requires a combination of the right strategy, tools and execution. That’s why SPARXiQ is committed to solving business challenges by enabling data-driven decisions and equipping their front-line sales team with skills to accelerate results.

When you work with us, you gain a partner to help you navigate the challenges in today’s market to maximize business performance. SPARXiQ is committed to helping your company reach its full potential. 

Get the Most from Every Customer Interaction 

Your customer-facing team members are the face of your organization, and their daily decisions and actions determine your performance. SPARXiQ provides the data-driven insights and skills training that allows your team to stand out and capture more value from every customer interaction. 


Gain a Competitive Advantage 

For companies who go to market with a complex solution set, with a large number of products sold to a wide range of customers, data is the key to gaining market share. We help manufacturers and distributors unlock valuable insights in their data to convert opportunities into results. 


Your Bottom Line is the Bottom Line 

Countless companies have significantly improved their profits with the help of SPARXiQ providing analytics and guidance for nearly 30 years. Because no two companies are in identical situations, we’ve continually expanded our capabilities to deliver data-driven recommendations that support your profitable growth in different ways – optimal pricing, sales growth and efficient cost-to-serve. 

What CEOs say about SPARXiQ:

“SPARXiQ gives our sales team the skills they need to hold the market price that SPARXiQ recommends along with the tools they need to assess the other party and the techniques needed to maximize the margin opportunity.”
“SPARXiQ is having a very positive impact on our bottom line. Not only is it helping us increase our margins, but is has pushed us to look at other areas and operations within our business that are also impacting our bottom line.”
"There isn’t a single investment that you can make at your company that will get you the kind of return that we’ve achieved by working with SPARXiQ.”
“The SPARXiQ Program is the highest impact most bottom line-enhancing program I have seen in my entire 35-year career! The increased margin has given us the opportunity to reinvest in the growth of our business.”
“The SPARXiQ program has improved our margin by 4 points. The increase in profit has allowed us to justify increasing the sales force, customer service and the funding of new marketing programs.”
“We dabbled in strategic pricing on our own but never got the results that we needed until we partnered with SPARXiQ”